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How Much Water Can Your Roof Harvest?

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How Much Can I Collect?

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Rainwater harvesting in Miami involves the collection, storage, and distribution of rainwater from a roof or a runoff-supplied system for use inside and/or outside a home or business. The South Florida Water Management says that the most common use of rain-harvested water in Florida is irrigation. Considering the states average rainfall of 52 inches, rain harvesting in Florida holds significant potential for water savings.  

Rainwater Harvesting in Miami

.To compute how much roof you need, and how much rain you can get/potentially store: A roof surface of 20 feet by 50 feet would give you 1,000  sq. ft. Covert your areas average rainfall (say, 52 inches a year for Florida) to feet by dividing by 12. This gives you 4.3 feet of rain. Now multiply 4.3 feet by 1,000 sq. ft. and you get 4300 cubic ft. There are 7.48 gallons per cubic ft.........so the total is 32,164 gallons! WOW!